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O2 Living White Paper

by O2Living Editorial Team @o2living
posted on March 07th 2011

Executive Summary: This White Paper examines The Juice Cleanse and its use in removing toxins from the body. Inspired by Lance Armstrong’s initiative, particularly Dr. Cynthia Foster’s articles on cleansing toxins from your body, O2 Living’s medical research group worked with holistic wellness physicians and nutritionists to create signature fresh detoxifying juices that could be incorporated into O2 Living’s evolving wellness program. 

Juice Cleanses have become an increasingly popular way for people to cleanse dangerous toxins from their bodies. O2 Living research and development group began working with medical doctors, holistic wellness physicians, nutritionists and chefs to establish a juice cleansing program that was unique to the brand. O2’s founder, Rosemary Devlin, and her team of professionals, developed a signature line of detoxifying juices that feature only fresh, carefully prepared, organic ingredients. This combination of ingredients, together with a specific protocol, helps to remove years of toxin build-up from the body. Based on the teams’ research, there are many detoxification programs that are actually toxic and chemically processed. One should carefully research cleansing prior to initiating a program. 

The History of Cleansing 

The origin of juice cleansing dates back to 1747 when Dr. James Lind, who studied medicine at the College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland, conducted a study into the disease of scurvy. Dr. Lind was able to document that the use of citrus fruit blends in directed dosages, and in a controlled medical environment, could treat and eventually eradicate this disease (Historic Figures)1

The relationship between toxins and empirical use of specified nutritional molecules was further advanced by the work of Sir Frederick Hopkins. Dr. Hopkins arrived at the nutritional center point after pursuing a career in an entirely different field. In 1896, Dr. Hopkins published works on the derivatives of proteins. The study provided the foundation for his famed study of nutritional methodologies and the role they have in preventing complex diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, muscular system and the gastrointestinal system. In 1929, he was the co-recipient of the Noble Prize for this medical discovery. 

A few years ago, Prince Charles caused a controversy with the British medical establishment at a medical conference hosted by The Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Integrated Health. During his address, Prince Charles challenged the doctors to include Gerson Therapy in the treatment of cancer patients2, 200 of whom were in the audience. 

Gerson Therapy dates back to Dr. Max Gerson who was born in 1881 in the German town of Wongrowitz. He followed the enlightened approach to science and medicine that Antoine Levoisier, Dr. Link, and Dr. Hopkins employed in their pursuits of wellness. Dr. Gerson researched and studied the link between specific molecular designed fruit beverages and detoxifying the body of the toxins to promote cure and health3

The link became the foundation for what is now known as Gerson Therapy. However, the use of molecular based fruit treatment fluids and additional components of Gerson Therapy stands at odds with proponents of traditional chemotherapy to cure cancer-related illness. Sloan Kettering has posted this debate on their website and is a source of empowerment for cancer patients when consulting with their doctors4

Dr. Gerson’s work was complemented by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling. Dr. Pauling was a leading authority on wellness and the intellectual force behind orthomolecular medicine. He went beyond his career in pharmacy to expand the parameters of his wellness experience and concluded that orthomolecular methods of treatment for disease were also the key to achieving health. The right molecule from the right natural product was the key to leading healthy lifestyles5

The Need to Cleanse 

The body is a very complex machine and, on a daily basis, is cleansing and detoxifying itself. Like a machine it need constant servicing. A cleanse allows the body to efficiently remove the toxins collected in everyday life. Periodic, focused cleansing gives your body time to recoup while supporting your natural detox system with care and healing compounds. 

During a cleanse, your digestive system is the main focus. Our digestive system regulates which nutrients get into our body and which toxins are removed. Its key players are the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, liver, kidneys and colon. Each utilizes specific enzymes to break down both our food and toxins. Therefore it is crucial to avoid certain foods and beverages—and incorporate others—while taking specific supplements to aid the digestive process. Also key are the skin, blood, lungs and lymphatic system. 

When going on a cleanse, one must be careful to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water to avoid feeling fatigued. It is equally important to understand that although you will lose weight, it is specifically intended to help achieve overall health and well-being.

Before developing its line of signature cleansing drinks, O2 spent extensive time developing the drinks' flavors. The objective was to develop drinks that embraced the principles of orthomolecular wellness but also tasted good. O2 Living’s Executive Chef, Tom Donnelly, was an integral part of the process. 

You Are What You Eat 

O2 Living’s Executive Chef, Tom Donnelly, specializes in creating healthy, well-balanced meals and fresh juices for the holistic wellness center’s guests each day. Formerly a traditional chef designing the SAD (Standard American Diet) menu for hotels and fine-dining restaurants, Chef Donnelly was unaware, prior to joining O2 Living, that the SAD menus were not nutritionally sound and could negatively impact one’s health. 

Shortly after joining O2 Living, Chef Donnelly developed flu-like symptoms, which precipitated a visit to his doctor. At the examination, he was advised that he had dangerously high blood pressure and was more than 20 pounds overweight. Chef Donnelly was immediately prescribed Benazapril for the treatment of his high blood pressure and, following subsequent blood work, Simvastatin for the treatment of his high cholesterol. 

Upon returning to work at O2 Living, Chef Donnelly added O2’s signature greens drink to his daily regimen and eventually completed a three-day cleanse, recommended as a good introduction only. He soon began to feel better, which he attributes to his healthier lifestyle, which included the greens drinks, three-day cleanse and a significantly lower calorie diet, all of which were dramatic changes for a man who formerly consumed 2,500 calories daily. 

Within nine months of beginning his new food regimen, Chef Donnelly graduated to a seven-day greens juice fast, lost 38 pounds and, with the blessing of his doctors, stopped taking both medications. As a testament to his success, Chef Donnelly keeps his medical record on file at O2 Living to share with guests. 

Concluding Summary: As we have seen throughout the history of cleansing, toxins can have a negative effect on the body and even cause diseases, such as cancer. If practiced correctly, juice cleansing can help to achieve optimal well-being. It is a way to cleanse the body of toxins and part of a balanced lifestyle. 


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