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by O2Living Editorial Team @o2living
posted on September 07th 2013

What better way to welcome fall than with o2living delicious Carrot Kick-our antioxidant-full juice of the month.

Why are carrots such an essential part of our diets? As you may know, carrots are loaded with beta-carotene.  Once in our systmes, beta-carotene unleashes its cell-protecting powers, promoting eye health and reducing the risk of certain cancers (some researchers say by a third).

Carrots also play an important role in our beauty regime, reducing inflammation and slowing the aging process.  And the good news continues for those of us sorry to see our sun-kissed glows fading.  Fruits and vegetables rich in orangey color (such as carrots, yams and pumpkin) will actually promote a healthy glow similar to a golden suntan.  However, getting a phytonutrient such as beta-carotene from a supplement rather than the whole food will not give you the same benefits.  Fortunately for us, carrots and other beta-carotene-filled foods such as yams, spincah and kale are delicious and there is no end to the tasty was you can incorporate them into your cooking.

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