Say no to GMO

Why you should avoid GMO

by Rosemary Devlin
posted on November 21st 2013

Talk of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, on our plates is increasingly finding its way into mainstream conversation lately, and for good reason. While the list of reasons to stay away from GMO foods is extensive, some of the main reasons may include problems for our digestive, immune and reproductive systems, food allergy symptoms and weight gain.
Genetic engineering is the process by which various food stuffs are manipulated in a laboratory in order to increase yield and ultimately profit. The food that is produced is not subject to perish at the same rate as conventional food and therefore there is less waste for the companies using these methods.

While there is still much research to be done regarding the negative health impacts that consuming GMOs can have on humans, we know for sure that our ancestors did not use GMOs. The human body has not adequately evolved to process these substances. While it cannot be determined for sure that GMOs have a direct link with the obesity rate, the prevalence of GMOs in the American diet and the potential correlation with the obesity epidemic should not be overlooked.

Further, it can be determined that companies which use ingredients that have been manipulated and created in labs are not concerned of the overall health or quality of the product they are selling. By purchasing organic food you can be sure that you are not consuming anything that has been genetically modified. Keep an eye out for the Non GMO Project verification on food labels especially when shopping for the following foods, as they are most often genetically modified: rice, wheat, flax, soy, dairy, potatoes, corn, canola oil, honey. 

One of the worst offenses to the population regarding GMOs is that regulation in terms of labels or warnings is extremely weak. This means that consumers can be eating GMOs as a majority of their diet without even knowing it.  Do research, ask questions, and support businesses and companies that say no to GMO. Businesses that do not accept GMOs are putting the consumer’s health before their profit and those are businesses worth supporting.

At o2living we are beginning the process to receive the non- GMO project seal because we believe strongly in providing our customers with the freshest, healthiest products we can. Visit our wellness center located in Cross River, New York to enjoy our raw live food, yoga and learn about our juice cleanse.

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