How HPP Works

by Rosemary Devlin
posted on October 16th 2013

Why is it that young children are served juice? It is a fairly easy way to supply them with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Most children do not resist juice like they do vegetables, so many parents rely on it as an inexpensive way to give their children nutrition. But what process is involved in turning fruits into fruit juice and does it harm the nutrients? Unfortunately, yes. Words like pasteurized can often appear on food labels without receiving much consideration from consumers. Pasteurization is the process that various foods undergo which involves heating in order to kill harmful microbial growth. This process is commonly used for canned foods, dairy products, vinegar, wines and juice. While effective at killing bacteria, pasteurization damages the nutrients of the foods. The result is a product with low nutrition. The food companies continue to boast the nutritional benefits of their products at the expense of the consumer. The process of pasteurization can also involve the use of chemicals and additives, resulting in a longer shelf life. In turn, increased profit for the food companies means less nutrition for the consumer.

Fortunately there is a process under which fruits and vegetables can go that will not render them lower in nutritional value. This process is called pascalization and it differs from pasteurization in that food is treated with high pressure water rather than high heat. In some cases more than 80,000 pounds of pressure is applied per square inch, inactivating pathogens and  harmful micro-organisms, while preserving enzymes, vitamins and minerals. At o2living our fresh, organic cold pressed juices, Green Vitality, Lemon Twist, Carrot Kick, Red Radiance and Almond Envy are PASCALIZED, unpasturized, or HPP'd. This means that you are receiving the high vitamin, live enzyme nutrition that your diet needs. You can be sure that our healthy juices will detox your body, help you look better and increase your energy.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, it is always most beneficial to consume them raw, as to not alter their miraculous enzymes. Drinking our live o2living raw juice will always deliver fruits and vegetables just as they should be consumed.


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