Organic Products For Children

Organic Products For Children

by Dr. Michael B. Finkelstein, M.D., F.A.C.P., A.B.H.M.
posted on March 02nd 2011

Organic commercial baby food is on the rise − and for good reason. Many experts believe that choosing organic baby food is essential since infants are much smaller than adults yet often eat more food per pound of body weight. In addition, their higher percentage of body fat provides an ample storage area for unwanted chemicals and other toxins. 

As a result, any pesticide residue remaining on conventional food can have a more significant effect on an infant or child than on an adult since they are experiencing rapid growth and development. Everything they digest has the potential to have a significant affect on them at later stages in their life. In addition, infants lack the same defenses as adults and even older children, such as established blood−brain barriers, immune systems or liver detoxification enzymes. This makes them more vulnerable when it comes to potentially toxic compounds. 

Understanding all of this, establishing healthier eating patterns early, may be more important than you might realize. These concerns have led many parents to favor organic foods whenever possible. The products we stock on our shelves or direct you to elsewhere on this website are selected with these considerations in mind

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