Why Do We Fear Change?

Life is one big roller coaster or, as I often put it, it’s a process of elimination

by Rosemary Devlin
posted on October 01st 2010

Life is one big roller coaster or, as I often put it, it’s a process of elimination. From the personal highs we experience when we marry and have children to the lows we experience during a financial crisis or illness and, of course, death, there is no end to the twists and turns we face. Believe me when I say I have had my own share of personal highs and lows. Moving through our lives, reaching new milestones, or dealing with situations of our own choosing, or ones that are thrust upon us, we are often unprepared for the challenges that they present. These transitional periods can also force us to examine some of the long held beliefs we hold about who we are, what we are and where we are going. 

Embracing a new challenge or picking up the pieces after a personal crisis, inevitably means we leave something behind. Most of us tend to resist change, even when the change is positive. That can be problematic since we get very attached to things, even when they cause us pain and suffering. To move forward and grow as a person, we need to incorporate the past and present and embrace the future. Living a full and satisfying life while achieving our personal and professional dreams is dependant on our ability to understand and master this process. 

So why did I create O2 Living? My objective, first and foremost, is to help others find answers to the questions I myself struggled with: How come doing the right thing for my body seems so difficult? Why are most wellness products and programs so extreme and expensive? Does holistic mean I have to change everything about my life and lifestyle? How can I steer my family and children toward wellness when I don’t even know the way myself? Who can I trust? Where should I go to get best advice? Why is this wellness “stuff” so confusing? 

More and more people are becoming skeptical of what the media bombards us with and are seeking a sounder leadership, grounded in authentic and beneficial principles. We are also realizing that everything we choose has an impact on different aspects of our lives and that we must become more inclusive and more thoughtful in order to make educated decisions.

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