Are You Considering Cleansing At o2living?

Let us Give You Some Recommendations Before You Start

by Rosemary Devlin
posted on January 19th 2012
Are You Considering Cleansing At o2living?

Great, you are considering an o2 cleanse.  It is important to consider what you put into your body before the fast or cleanse begins.  

Slow down if you can, getting good rest and remaining active is important. Drink plenty of clean water so you are well hydrated.  As far as food is concerned, it is recommended you begin to consume green leafy vegetatables, raw if possible and stop all cooked foods, particularly animal products including dairy, meat, fish, eggs, etc.,) If you consume caffeine, start to taper off about 1 week before so you have 2 days without caffeine before the fast begins. This will avoid the unneccessary withdrawal headache and other symptoms. Let common sense prevail. Do not fill your body with toxins just before you plan to empty it.  Alcohol and tobocco are also factors, if you drink or smoke, the less you take in the better.  What is stopping you from cleansing and detoxifying?

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