Diabetes Of The Brain

by Des Byrne o2living
posted on August 22nd 2012
Diabetes Of The Brain

The National Institutes of Health announced a five-year study to see if insulin inhaled through the nose delivering insulin directly to the brain can slow the decline of patients with mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer's disease.

At o2living, juice cleanses can help prevent brain diseases such as alzheimers by flushing accumulated toxins from your body.  Cancer recovery is often associated with organic juice cleansing and a raw food diet.  There has been several studies were vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene (vitamin A) prevent oxidative damage to brain cells from free radicals. All the above mentioned vitamins are found in the o2living raw live organic juice cleanse.  If you have any questions on juice cleansing let o2living know.

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