Feeling Lethargic?

Got gut pain?

by Rosemary Devlin
posted on February 18th 2014
Feeling Lethargic?

Happy Fall!

Come and enjoy a Holistic Wellness Day at our Yellow Monkey Village location in Cross River.

If you are a first time cleanser, feel lethargic and need to discover an alternative method to provide optimum health and wellness, why not ask some questions as to how we at o2living can help you achieve good health.  By simply adding a cold pressed o2living juice to your diet as a meal supplement  you can increase your energy and start to feel healthy.  Fresh cold pressed juices are nutrient packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

All of our o2living juices Green Vitality, Lemon Twist, Red Radiance, Carrot Kick and Almond Envy are available at many NYC and Brooklyn Retail Stores.  Juices are also availabe for pickup at Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, Saw Mill Club and Saw Mill East in Mount Kisco, The Gym in Armonk and Red Barn Bakery in Irvington.  If you are a member of any of the following clubs, Power Pilates, Apogee Wellness Center you may place an order on-line and we will deliver.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or download our Juice Cleanse (o2living) app for further delivery information.

Any questions?

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