Food For A Healthy Heart: Spinach

by Des Byrne o2living
posted on March 29th 2012
Food For A Healthy Heart: Spinach

In this series of blogs we are looking at foods that are best suited for people who want to take care of their cardio-vascular health.  Today we are focussing on spinach- a highly nutritious leafy vegetable native to central and southwestern Asia.  So how can spinach take care of your heart?

Spinach is one of the most nutritionally rich members of the vegetable family. Its rich, dark color comes from the multiple phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals that fight disease, protect against heart disease, and preserve your eyesight.  Studies have shown that the brighter and more vibrant the leaves, the richer the spinach is likely to be in Vitamin C than paler spinach plants.  Folate and potassium are both important for their ability to relieve high blood pressure or hypertension.  Folate may also help blood vessels relax improving blood flow, further reducing risk of cardiovascular problems.

Spinach contains abundant amounts of lutein an antioxidant carotenoid.  Lutein can prevent and reduce atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.  Atherosclerosis is one of the major causes of heart attacks, so lutein is important for not only prevention of atherosclerosis but also heart attacks.

If you want to include spinach in your diet, have a look at this recipe for Arame with Spinach.

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