Graves Disease Goiter or Hyperthyroidism

by Rosemary Devlin
posted on January 19th 2012
Graves Disease Goiter or Hyperthyroidism

Grave's disease is considered an autoimmune condition- meaning that the immune system "attacks" healthy tissue (in this case thyroid tissue) as if it were a dangerous invader.

If you have less that "stellar" diet, chances are you are swimming in acid waste and just a matter of time before your body breaks down. A wise approach for fighting autoimmune disease is to come head to head with the culprits causing your problems. Your immune system (called T cells) are made in your bone marrow.  These T cells will develop into one of 2 types - helper T or a regulatory T cell.  Helper T cells patrol your body looking for invaders. Once they detect an invader they quickly multiply to protect. Regulatory T cells stop inflammation and keep tissues safe. Most of the decision of whether a T cell becomes Regulatory or Helper takes place in your Gut. It is recommended that a probiotics can help address the immune system's mixed-up response to normal tissues and cells. If you know more about treating Grave's disease or other autoimmune disease with pro-biotics we would like to know more.

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