Health Benefits Of Beets

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by Des Byrne o2living
posted on January 03rd 2012
Health Benefits Of Beets

In the coming weeks we will be deconstructing the ingredients of our juice cleanses to get a deeper understanding of how they positively affect our health.  Each has been carefully chosen according to it's nutritional value and health benefits.  To kick things off we will be looking at beets.  Beets are present in both the RED RADIANCE and CARROT KICK juices and they are known for their delicious taste and naturally high sugar content.  So what are the health benefits of beets?

For many years beets have been used for medicinal ends and for good reason. Eating beets has been shown to stimulate the livers detoxification process, helping to flush out many undesirables including  fats, old cholesterol deposits, gallstones, poisons, drug residues, and other waste. They are also an excellent source of folic acid, magnesium and potassium. 

Naturally, they are also an excellent source of beet fiber.  Beet fiber can reduce cholestoral and promotes healthy bowel movement.  It also increases your count of special white blood cells which are responsible for identification and elimination of abnormal cells in the body.   Studies on cancer patients have proven that beet juice can discourage the formation of cancer causing compounds as well as the cancer cells that come from these compounds.

Watch this space for upcoming blog posts exploring the health benefits of our other ingredients soon.

If you want a recipe idea involving beets why not try this

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