Improved Health with… Chinese Food?

Dietary Lessons Learned from the Chinese Diet

by Des Byrne o2living
posted on December 30th 2013
Improved Health with… Chinese Food?

While none of the following is going to suggest that we consume more egg rolls, studies of the traditional Chinese diet hold evident that a whole foods, plant based diet rich in vegetables could be the best medicine.

When comparing western diets centered heavily on dairy and animal products to the diets of other cultures, for example oriental diets composed mainly of whole grains and vegetables, we see many vast contrasts. The following distinctions have been made between the Chinese diet and the American diet in The China Project, a study conducted by T. Colin Campbell: 90% of protein that is consumed in China is from plant sources while 70% of the protein consumed in the United States is from Animal sources. China has the lowest rate of breast cancer of any nation globally. American women receive twice the dietary calcium of Chinese women yet their rates of bone loss are far greater. With the increased availability of fast food in China the rates of chronic diseases are beginning to rise.

People suffering from chronic illnesses have seen extraordinary improvements in their health by implementing a plant based diet. Damage that is done to inner cell walls from years of poor nutrition has stopped and reversed once a whole food, plant based diet is adopted. 

While a completely vegan lifestyle may not be practical for all of us, these studies demonstrate the benefits to drastically cutting down our intake of animal products.

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