Is It Time For A Colonic?

by O2Living Editorial Team @o2living
posted on July 06th 2011
Is It Time For A Colonic?

The holidays are past us and we’re well in to a new year. Have you removed all of that toxic build up from the holidays?

If you have or not, either way… it may be time for a colonic. The optimum time for a colonic is really anytime. You can get the most out of toxin removal while cleansing, but it won’t hurt to do a little maintenance here and there.

Tovah Nahman is founder and director of Lifeline Hygienics Colonics and Rejuvenation Center in Rye, NY. She recommends that regular maintenance to the waste system is imperative and necessary. Due to our body build up and autointoxication, we can reabsorb toxins during improper waste elimination. This is a process that can bring poison back in to our bodies. Gas, bloating, fatigue, headaches and bad breath are all symptoms of this.

The best way to remove this toxic build up is with a colonic. A colonic will also help with proper waste elimination because the colon is where the final stage of digestion occurs. If we are not properly eliminating, then toxins can sit in our colons and prevent proper nutrient absorption.

During a juice cleanse, it is highly important to get a colonic, especially if your cleanse is 5 or more days long. Because you are essentially stopping peristalsis from occurring, you must maintain proper elimination methods. This occurs during a juice cleanse because there are no solids going in to your body, simply liquids, and your system is no longer required to work so hard during digestion. A colonic will help remove and pull out a large amount of excess toxins while also supporting proper digestion.

It is recommended that you get a colonic before, during, and after a juice cleanse. Before, because you are taking the first layer of toxins out of the body that may have been stored for some time. During, to help remove and support the digestion and after to really get down deep into the crevasses of the colon to pull out deeply rooted toxins.

Juice cleansing and colonics go hand in hand and can support the body in proper toxic waste elimination. A good diet and solid fitness program is also something to consider when striving to achieve optimal health. When the body is clean of any toxic build up, it can properly absorb and store essential nutrients that we naturally want and need. It is incredible to see the difference in what vegetables, whole grains and many fiber-rich foods can do to support a healthy digestive system. This painless procedure will have you feeling better in no time!

If you’re cleansing, or not, feel free to call and make an appointment at Lifeline Hygienics Colonics and Rejuvenation Center at 914.921.LIFE (5433). They are located at 150 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Suite B-15, Rye, NY 10580.

Have you ever gotten a colonic, how did you feel after? First time and need some tips? Are you taking in proper nutrient and fiber-rich foods to support your health, if so, what are you eating?

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