Learn To Make Winter Soups…

by Des Byrne o2living
posted on January 22nd 2011

Last Wednesday night, January 19, Chef Tom instructed a class of 18 on how to make the perfect winter soups! With a variety of ingredients and methods he made it much simpler for people to enjoy food in this chilly weather!

His first demo dish was the Macrobiotic Butternut Squash Soup. The recipe is so popular it was featured on WABC-TV ‘Neighborhood Eats’ with Lauren Glassberg (how exciting!) You can get the recipe here. Thanks for the feature on Channel 7 News!

The next soup Chef Tom made was a ‘Raw Live Soup.’ This included juices of Carrots and Fennel with Cucumber and Avocado. This is a nice soup for anytime of the year; it’s a quick and easy fix with simple ingredients. Download Recipe Here.

The final soup was a ‘Cleansing Soup,’ perfect to add to any diet, especially post-cleanse! This is a puree of Cauliflower with Cilantro Pesto. What a fun soup to make, because you can add so many garnishes to it and have fun mixing it all together! Download Recipe Here.

Check out a few photos from the event!

Let us know how it goes if you make one! What is your favorite winter soup? Do you have any quick, easy and healthy soup recipes?

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