We should have the best system in the world… but we don’t

by Des Byrne o2living
posted on August 27th 2010
We should have the best system in the world… but we don’t

Having endured traditional Western medicine for centuries, many in the U.S are turning to natural health care. 

In the United States, 4 in 10 adults, and 1 in 9 children are turning to alternative medicine for their physical ailments. The percentage of people seeking holistic health care is growing rapidly. Americans are also becoming increasingly skeptical of the medical profession and are seeking a sounder leadership that is grounded in principles that are authentic and truly beneficial. As a nation, we are realizing that our choices have an impact on every aspect of our lives, and that we must be inclusive, more thoughtful and better educated. Everywhere we look from the media to the Internet, health and wellness issues are pressing topics and considering rising diabetes and obesity rates, coupled with the current healthcare crisis, is it any wonder why. 

The reality is that conventional medicine isn’t working anymore and, as the mother of five boys, I’m well aware of the inequalities and shortcomings inherent in our current health system. 

I, myself, struggle with many questions like the ones listed below: 

How come doing the right thing for my body seems so difficult? Why are most wellness products and programs so extreme and expensive? Does holistic mean I have to change everything about my life and lifestyle? How can I steer my family and children toward wellness when I don’t even know the way myself?

Who can I trust?

Where should I go to get the most accurate advice?

Why is this wellness “stuff” so confusing?

Each month o2living will provide you with the information, tools and the guidance you need to become better informed and to lead a healthier life. The connecting element of the site will unite people from all over the world and give them an opportunity to talk to real experts, share their personal stories and insights. 

02 Living is a community dedicated to Your Health and Wellness and we will bring together experts from all sectors of the wellness community. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make smart choices and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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