Where Is Your Gut Ache Coming From?

by O2Living Editorial Team @o2living
posted on July 03rd 2011
Where Is Your Gut Ache Coming From?

You may have been experiencing pain in your gut and wondering where that may be coming from. You ask yourself, “why do I have this stomach ache all the time?” or “how come I feel so bloated after eating?”

The answer to these questions (and more) could possibly be due to Celiac. Celiac is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine where your body has a reaction to Gluten (wheat protein). Celiac can cause disruption to the digestive balance and can cause anything from minor gut pain to damaging in the mucosal surface of the small intestine. With this, nutrients are not properly absorbed by the body, therefore potentially causing malnourishment.

Celiac doesn’t stop in the gut. It can lead to inflammation throughout various parts of the body and even cause organ damage if not properly monitored.

You may be asking yourself now, “How do I find out if I have this?” The answer, get tested for this, specifically. This disease if often missed or misdiagnosed. After Celiac is identified, appropriate medicines and diet restrictions are then added to a persons regiment. This, however, may not always be enough.

Cutting certain foods out is a start (items with Gluten), but taking in the right kinds of food is the next step. Be sure to consume foods that are alkalizing. People who have Celiac need to treat their digestive system differently than others. Sensitivity and awareness are important factors when deciding what to eat. Alkaline foods are broken down in a much simpler way- easier to digest. This means the body will begin to absorb nutrients that it was not getting before.

Be alkaline- feel better!

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