Ayurvedic Living and Healing Touch Workshop

by Nuala Donnelly
July 12, 2014

Join us for an Ayurvedic Living and Healing Touch Workshop

Saturday, July 12
12pm - 2pm

The workshop will focus on healthy conscience living along the Ayurvedic guidelines:

  • Seasonal eating
  • Eating to balance moods or erratic energy flow
  • The importance of meditation and engagement in yoga and massage in order to move energy through the body
  • Massage therapy and healthy therapeutic touch which rests the entire system for health benefits

Join Osi and Jackie for an amazing 2 hour session that will offer important information, meditation, Kundalini cria and chant, healing touch with Osi's own essential Ayurvedic oils with attention to the Marma points (these are similar to the Chinese acupuncture/accupressure points) plus a sharing circle at the end.

The workshop will conclude with a healthy treat and tea

Maximum attendees 20
Minimum attendees 8
Course offered to woman only

Investment $65

Call o2living to reserve your spot today


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