by Des Byrne o2living
Event times will be posted soon

o2 Living welcomes Dr. Mohsin Khan, MPH, ND (USA) 

Dr. Mohsin Khan, MPH, ND (USA) will be discussing a weekly class for six weeks in Yellow Monkey Villageon "Food is Medicine" to disseminate principles on how to remain disease free in life and on how to heal various ailments

DATES:  March 13th & 15th, March 27th & 29th, April 10th &12th, April 24th & 26th, May 8th & 10th May 22nd and 24th. Please call o2living to register  914-763-6320.

For more information on Dr. Khan's healing practices logon to http://www.http://sandeepayurvedic.com

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