O2 Living Cleanse Meal Plan

Cleanse Preparation & Food

Seasonally grown local and organic fruits and vegetables are used whenever possible to promote a local environment but primarily a healthier you.

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Pre, during and post cleanse eating is vital to your success. What this means is that the foods you take in before, during and after your cleanse will greatly determine the success rate of your cleanse. At O2Living we are committed to helping you reach those goals in the most flavorful way possible. The following menus are to be used to enhance your cleanse process by lightening the normal amounts of calories you take in.


During Cleanse

Post Cleanse

While on the cleanse we recommend going as long as you can without the intake of foods as this will slow down the process of detoxification. Each day should begin with an 8 oz. glass of room temperature water with lemon or lime; this alkalizes the body to balance your pH level. 

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