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Two to three days prior to starting a juice cleanse, it is recommended that you begin to eliminate certain items from your diet. Removing such will provide you with the optimum effect from the cleansing experience:

• Dairy
• Flour
• Caffeine
• Sugar
• Meat
• Alcohol

Below is a variety of options to help you ease in to the detoxification process:

16oz. Chia smoothie with fresh seasonal berries (dairy free)

1 piece of fruit or raw vegetables

16oz. Raw Live or Macrobiotic Soups
4oz. raw vegetables such as carrot or celery sticks or 6oz. salad that is lightly dressed (stay away from heavy oils and vinaigrettes)

Salad of lightly dressed field greens and any combination of the Macrobiotic salads
     • Slow Simmered Tuscan White Beans with Tomato, Basil and Garlic
     • White Quinoa Salad
     • Tuscan Kale and Flax Oil Salad

For support, check out the Live Food Meal Plans and download our Cleanse Protocol