During Cleanse

Each morning you begin your day with an 8 oz. glass of room temperature purified water with lemon or lime. Depending on your schedule, you should take your first juice anytime between 8-10am. Each drink should be taken organically, but with regards to spacing them 2-3 hours apart. 

If you feel that the juices are not satisfying enough, we offer a variety of raw, live foods for during your cleanse.


  • A fresh berry smoothie or Chia shake will be filling and satisfy the urge for solid foods (dairy free)


If at lunch you feel the need for solid foods please have any Raw Live foods:

  • Asparagus and Baby Grape Tomatoes with Lemon and Garlic
  • Watermelon, Red Beet & Carrot Brunoise Salad with fresh Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Shaved Fennel & Snap Pea Salad with Pink Grapefruit, Micro Celery and Sesame Oil
  • English Cucumber & Pickled Red Onion Salad with Concord Grapes


All the while continuing to consume your juices you can supplement with a small amount of Raw Live or Macrobiotic foods (soups, purees, and O2Living daily options)

  • Daily wraps are offered on sprouted grains tortillas are also a filling option
  • Spelt Pasta Salad with Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Carrots and Pea Sprouts
  • Fine Herbs Marinated Tempeh
  • Marinated Garbanzo Beans

Check out the Live Food Meal Plans for more options.