o2iving Releases White Paper on ‘The Cleanse’

Westchester County Holistic Wellness Center Shares Natural Wellness Tips, Offers Perspective on History of Medicinal Cleansing

by O2Living Editorial Team @o2living
posted on July 28th 2010

Cross River, New York (July 28, 2010) – o2living, an all embracing holistic wellness community in Cross River, New York, today announced the release of its white paper, The Time To Right The Wrong in Your Life is Now http://bit.ly/bRK39a which, examines the history of cleansing and its impact on removing toxins from the body.

Since their inception (1747), cleanses have been used to help people achieve a more natural lifestyle that works towards achieving overall wellness.  They have been used to help cancer patients improve their overall health and even as part of treatment for disease. 

“Cleanses are an important part of maintaining overall well-being,” said Rosemary Devlin, founder of o2living. “There are toxins hidden in processed foods and even in some prescription medications.  It is important for people to treat their bodies well and remove toxins safely to achieve optimal health.”

Since opening in 2009, o2living (http://www.o2living.com) has offered its own line of signature detoxifying juices, which are available for three, five or seven day cleanses.  The detoxifying beverages were developed with the help of a holistic wellness physician and nutritionist to ensure that they would effectively remove toxins from the digestive system. 

The white paper, which includes information on o2living’s signature detoxifying juices, also provides readers with a history of the cleansing process, its benefits and showcases the significant and positive impact that juice cleansing can have on overall health.

“Many people view cleansing as a quick way to lost weight when that is not the purpose,” Devlin said. “Cleansing should be done with proper supervision and on an as-needed basis.”

To download a free copy of the white paper, visit http://bit.ly/bRK39a. 

For more information, call 914.763.6320 or visit o2living online (http://www.o2living.com).  You can also ‘like’ o2living on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cross-River-NY/O2-Living/120982621265719) or follow @O2living on Twitter (http://twitter.com/o2living). Visit in person at 6 Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, New York. 

About o2living

Headquartered in Cross River, New York, o2living is an all embracing community dedicated to lifestyle/wellness. o2living juices are created fresh daily in our local cafe with organically grown fruits and vegetables. Established as Cross River Wellness, LLC (d/b/a O2 Living,) this holistic spa and wellness center encourages people to live, learn and connect. It offers yoga, spa services, including signature Oxygen treatments, a retail boutique and Live Food Café nestled in Cross River’s quaint Yellow Monkey Village. The wellness community also features an online destination, o2living.com where members can connect and communicate about their experiences and build a greater sense of community with those who share their passion for and commitment to health and well-being.