Shaved Fennel and Snap Pea Salad

by Tom Donnelly
posted on July 04th 2011

Short Description:

This is a Recipe for Shaved Fennel and Snap Pea Salad.


1) Clean threads from Sugar Snap Peas
2) Peel & Segment Pink Grapefruit, squeeze excess Juice into bowl
3) On Mandolin shave Fennel head thin
4) Add Sesame Oil & Seeds
5) Season with Salt
6) Finish w/ Micro Celery or Sprouts


1) Leach Head Fennel, shaved thin on Mandolin
2) 1/2 lbs. Sugar Snap Peas, remove thread
3) 1 each Pink Grapefruit
4) 1/2 cup Micro Celery or Sprouts
5) 2 tbsp. White Sesame Seeds
6) Salt
7) Sesame Oil


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