Cara O’Shaughnessy

Cara O'Shaugnessy is a Yoga Alliance certified vinyasa instructor.  She completed her 200-hour Living Yoga Teacher Training in Cross River, New York.  A former national level gymnast and personal trainer, Cara first came to her mat seeking another form of exercise.  She has found in yoga, a practice that makes her peaceful, balanced and strong.  As a teacher, Cara hopes to share what she loves about yoga.

In her class, Cara encourages each student to move, breathe and explore.  Her class is inspired by her love of movement.  Cara's "flow" gently challenges each student in order to build strength and flexibility by linking breath with mindful movement.  Cara hopes to help each student develop a connection with the body and quiet the mind. Here at o2living Cara has established a great relationship with each of her students.

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