Yoga and Celtic Spirituality

by Des Byrne o2living
April 29th, noon to 2pm

Nadiya Nottingham

From her native homeland of Ireland, Nadiya brings the poetry of land, air, plant and animal transformation to life to you in this unique workshop.

From the ‘Four Directions’ we call in the powerful and subtle forces of nature to awaken our dormant personal power, to call fully to aliveness through yoga, breathing, and the solidity and support of our bones as they connect to the mountains, rock and crystal. To feel our blood as the river of life that flows within this body we inhabit.

Come alive as never before; hear the call of your soul’s journey for the Earth, the Stars and all life, as above, so below.

SUNDAY APRIL 29, 2012 | NOON TILL 2PM | $35
RESERVATIONS: 914-763-6320

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