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o2living juice cleanse team: Rosemary Devlin and Tom Donnelly

Rosemary Devlin, Founder, O2living

Rosemary co-founded Eurotech Construction twenty-five years ago, and under her leadership the company has consistently underlined its position as the premier contractor in New York City and Tri-State area, with a client list that includes many of the top Financial, Entertainment, Broadcasting, Media, Advertising, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Law & Hotel groups.

She is one of a small number of women heading a multi-million dollar construction corporation in NYC today, and Eurotech is a Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise as well as a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

What’s quite remarkable is the fact that Rosemary is the mother of five boys, and that she has managed to combine her family and business life so well over the past twenty or more years. Much of the inspiration behind o2living comes from her experiences as a mother, and her frustration with traditional Western medicine and the American diet.  A nutritionally related illness of one of her sons ultimately led Rosemary to embrace a Live Food Diet.

Tom Donnelly, Executive Chef

Tom began his training at the Culinary Institute of America and brings a wealth of experience that ranges from Executive Chef positions at Abigail Kirsch to Executive Sous Chef at Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. Tom was one of the opening chefs for the Joya Spa at The Meontelucia Resort and Spa in Arizona, an Intercontinental Hotels property, where he was exposed to lighter and healthier food choices for living.

He is certified in Science of Raw Food Nutrition at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Northern California, and is a certified educator in Raw and Live Food Diet.

Nuala Donnelly, General Manager

Nuala, a former Foreign Currency Trader on Wall Street, lived the corporate rat race for twenty-two years and is the first to tell you that she never took the time to think about her own well being during her very impressive career.

With her oldest daughter in college and her youngest son in fourth grade, she understands the challenges and pressures that we all face in raising a family. Through her longstanding relationship with o2living founder, Rosemary Devlin, Nuala has come to embrace the o2living brand, philosophy and meaning, and her current passion and focus is to play an integral role in developing and realizing o2living juice and the o2living community.

Nuala is a creative thinker with a real hands-on approach. She energizes everyone around her and is always the go-to person when things need to get done.

Jodi McGinty, Organic Whole and Living Food Chef & Educator

As an organic whole and living foods chef and educator, Jodi McGinty has been working with health professionals, individuals and families for over twenty years. Using organically grown whole and living foods that provide high-quality nutrition that naturally support proper digestion and a well-functioning immune system, she educates clients on a live food diet to support excellent health.
Jodi’s menu plans have been used by doctors and health professionals for the improvement of medical conditions. She provides on going personal chef services, education, training, cooking and uncooking classes. Jodi takes great joy in helping others to become the best they can be no matter where they are in their food experience. Learning how to truly love, respect and nurture oneself with food is her greatest pleasure!

Food choices and eating patterns are only what have been practiced and familiar. Jodi’s diet and lifestyle instruction inspires and empowers you. As you experience the difference in how you feel, how you look and how you think when you are consuming foods prepared consciously with love, full of the antioxidants, enzymes, chlorophyll, fiber, minerals and vitamins that your body sings to, you become the vibrant, beautiful and joyful being you truly are. You can meet Jodi in person at the o2living Live Foods Cafe Saw Mill East Mount Kisco NY.